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Going on a trip to Japan...


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I've got about three weeks to spend there, what do you guys think I really shouldn't miss out on? Never been there before, so pretty oblivious to what is coming to me...

Booked a few nights of Tokyo, Osaka, visiting the island Okinawa... Also have a JR rail pass to get around... Is Kyoto any good? Or should I go for an extra round of Tokyo?



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I was working in Tokyo for about a year and a half. Got to travel about and see the country over that time. 

It really depends what you're into, the food is fantastic, hit a temple or two, ect. The torrist spots are torrist sports for a reason. 


Tech wise, it's nothing special, it's just as if they took a tech site and dumped all the goods in a multistory shop. The prices aren't as good as web prices, but if you show your passport, you don't pay tax. This is useful when buying machanical keyboards, it's still the cheapest place to buy HHKB, but they still aren't cheap. 

Best things I can say is go to a jpop gig, as it's very unique, even if you don't like the music and hit the sex shops and laugh your arse off at the range of crazy shit and thousands of porn games and the heeps of VR porn. 

Retro gaming is quite good too, loads of stores.



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