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It is about that time for everyone to email all of the following email addresses and ask "WHERE IS MY OPEN SOURCE!?" opensource <opensource@dji.com>, "adam.lisberg" <adam.lisberg@dji.com>, "Yin.Cheung" <Yin.Cheung@dji.com>, Logan Wang <xiaodan.wang@dji.com>, "Ted.Liu(刘岿然)" <ted.liu@dji.com>, Owen <cheng.ouyang@dji.com>, "Brendan.Schulman" <Brendan.Schulman@dji.com>, "jon.resnick" <jon.resnick@dji.com>, 

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yeah.. this is old.. but anyway.. I applied all hacks to my mavic pro and everything seemed to go smoothly. After I started it with the range boost app loaded, mavic went to boot loop.

Anyone has any tips how to maybe force new firmware to the device when it's not able to boot or some other way to get rid of the boot loop? New flight controller only?

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