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Update bash bunny to version 1.3 and stopped working


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Hello guys, I'm very worried because I update bunny bash to version 1.3 and now it does not work, I connect it in arming mode on different computers and none is able to recognize it as USB device, I connect it to a kali, but it does not recognize it and neither Recognizes the serial port, connects it to windows and neither recognizes it as a USB port nor as a serial port, so what I can not access by serial port to put another version of the firmware. When connecting the BB the green light goes on then it turns off and no longer turns on any light, the third time to connect it to the computer it does as a restore automatically, but at the end the green led is set and then it goes out and it stays the same, it does not work , Please help me, I do not know what I'm gonna do.

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42 minutes ago, redm0squit0 said:

Right, and i didn't even have a chance to do an actual firmware recovery. I was trying to reset it because the switches stopped working, both of them. I'd plug in either attack 1 or 2 and a qucik green light and then silence. Absolutely nothing. That's when i tried to from what i thought, was reflash the device and all crashed on me.

delete these, lets use your own thread. I copied your posts contents to there.

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