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running a DoS window in the background?


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Define "in the background"?

There's the minimize button. There are tools to minimize to that place next to the clock. You can also run something that will be pretty much 100% silent on screen, but then really hard to bring to the front.

Remember that software jedi guy Dana they had on the show in I think it was ep 2? The guys got him to make a shell that would like drop down like an in-game console. Never seen it, never tried it, but I know it's there.

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If you actually mean DOS instead of DoS (Denial of Service) there is CMDOW which amongst many other things allows you to completely hide windows. Due to the evilness you can cause with it some anti-virus will complain about it though.

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If you're talking about making a DOS window look like it's part of the background, try searching Google for keywords like transparent, command, windows, cmd, prompt ... something to that effect.

There are a few programs out there that let you do it, but they're all rather slow and buggy. They're pretty much just useful for screenshots to impress your friends.

Here's one result I found that semi-works but from the screenshot you're still left with the title bar. I've used other ones that remove that stuff, but I can't remember their name .. maybe you can add those to your search.


Good luck.

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