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Problems with additional wifi adaptor


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I have an RA Link dongle (same model as sold in Hak5 store) to add a 3rd wifi adaptor to my Nano. It's showing up as wlan2.

In networking I go to the WiFi Client Mode section, select wlan2, give it the key to my wifi and it connects showing a relevant IP address. I test this by clicking Load Bulletins in Dasboard and they load thus apparently proving the connection works.

However if I unhide the access point I created in Open AP SSID, although I can see that SSID, when I connect to it I don't get any internet. I get given an IP in the 172.16.42.x range with the nano's as a gateway.

Do I need to do something else to route this connection through to the internet?

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I’m guessing based on what you have said. Its more than likely wrong.

On 21.6.2017 at 7:34 AM, Codger said:

if I unhide the access point I created in Open AP SSID

If you are unhiding and then clicking "Update access point" button you might be resetting wireless networks.  After unhiding can you reconnect wlan2 to your internet AP again and then do you and clients get internet?


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It sounds like your connecting wlan2 to wlan0 on the pineapple, which will not give you internet access.  Do what @Just_a_User siad and after updating the OpenAP refresh your browser page and make sure wlan2 is still connected and if not then reconnect.

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