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VPN: IPVanish vs NordVPN


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I thought I would test out the 2 VPN services I'm subscribed to at this time.  I wanted to see raw tests, tests with VPN enabled and more importantly, the possibility of a DNS leak.

I'll admit while I understand the concept of a DNS leak, I used 3 different web sites to test which are listed at the bottom.

No links included as this isn't a pitch for either service except raw links to the speed test I used and the 3 DNS leak websites.  Happy to know if those don't work and if there are better actual methods to test for a DNS leak.

Speed Test:


Comcast Speed Test: No VPN
Location: San Jose, CA

Download: 240.6
Upload: 12.6
Latency: 14ms

Let Software Pick the Server:

Comcast Speed Test: NordVPN
Location: New Castle, DE

Download: 44.6
Upload: 11.8
Latency: 93ms

Comcast Speed Test: IPVanish
Location: San Jose, CA

Download: 67.9
Upload: 11.5
Latency: 19ms

Let's Pick a Country: Costa Rica

Comcast Speed Test: IPVanish
Location: Augusta, GA

Download: 62.3
Upload: 9.3
Latency: 198ms

Comcast Speed Test: NordVPN
Location: Foxboro, MA

Download: 46.0
Upload: 10.0
Latency: 233ms

DNS Leak Tests:


NordVPN never showed DNS leaks on the 3 sites listed above.

IPVanish frequently shows a Comcast DNS server(s) in the mix.

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