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I need help...

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i have gone through the tutorials for the evilportal module, and now wanted to create a portal on my own for my needs....

I followed the tutorial from frozenjava (which was posted in the forums quite some time ago...), but im having trouble "bending" the code for my needs (basiclly im trying to: get input from "user" and "pass" text field from index.php and print it to a file in /www )...


code in index.php:



code in capture.php:

$user = $_GET["user"];
$pass = $_GET["pass"];
$redir = $_GET["redir"];
$file = fopen("stored.txt", "a");
fwrite($file, $user . "\n");
fwrite($file, $pass . "\n");
echo '<script type="text/javascript">window.location = "' . $redir . '"</script>';



I think im messing things up with the variables, but im very inexperienced thus i need some help...

(oh btw: i didnt get that myportal.php replaced capture.php (i think) at first, so that i manually created my captured.php...)

Thanks in advance ;)

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oh and i also tried using the "myportal.php", from the newer tutorial...

code below...


<?php namespace evilportal;

class MyPortal extends Portal

    public function handleAuthorization()


        // Call parent to handle basic authorization first

        // Check for other form data here


    public function showSuccess()
        // Calls default success message

    public function showError()
        // Calls default error message



<mod snip>

I think im doing something really stupid, but i dont know what...

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Sorry - our policy is not to help or encourage the distribution of phishing pages, especially not if they are specific to social media or banking.

You are welcome to ask questions regarding a captive portal, but I will lock this thread for now.

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