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Newbie with a million question

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SO I've had a Mark V for quite some time but I've never really used it. I'm just now getting around to using it and like some have experienced, it's been very frustrating. I've watched a lot of the tutorials online but for whatever reason they're not working. Here's some of the issues I'm having

Connecting to the internet. I did what I thought I was suppose to do and connected in client mode. Once I did that I tried checking the IP under Network  and it said Error Connecting. I double checked and I did everything according to the video, and got the same error message. 

I am unable to do Over the Air upgrades because I cannot connect to the internet. Currently I am using Firmware Version: 1.2.0 which I'm sure is ANCIENT. 

Trust me when I say any and all help will be greatly appreciated 

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