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I can't dowload module


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You need to enable ICS on your machine to forward internet to the pineapple.  But to help with that we need to know what OS your using.

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But I have been working with Windows for 20 years - I have Kali Linux 2016.2 for 2 weeks and I'm still learning.
In Kali Linux I started the wp6.sh script

    [C]onnect using saved settings
    [G]uided setup (recommended)
    [M]anual setup
    [A]dvanced IP settings

Option [ G ]

WiFi Pineapple detected. Please disconnect the WiFi Pineapple from
this computer and press any key to continue with guided setup.
    Step 1 of 3: Select Default Gateway
    Default gateway reported as
    Use the above reported default gateway?             [Y/n]? y
    Step 2 of 3: Select Internet Interface
    Internet interface reported as wlan0
    Use the above reported Internet interface?          [Y/n]? y
    Step 3 of 3: Select WiFi Pineapple Interface
    Please connect the WiFi Pineapple to this computer.
    Detected WiFi Pineapple on interface eth1
    Use the above detected WiFi Pineapple interface?    [Y/n]? y

    Settings saved.
Option [ A ]

    Saved Settings: Share Internet connection from wlan0
    to WiFi Pineapple at eth1 through default gateway

    WiFi Pineapple resides on the network
    with the IP Address and Ethernet default route

    The WiFi Pineapple expects an Internet connection from by
    default, which this script aids in configuring. These IP addresses may
    be changed if desired by modifying network configs on the WiFi Pineapple.

    Continue with advanced IP config [y/N]? y
    WiFi Pineapple Network            []: y
    WiFi Pineapple Netmask           []: y
    Host IP Address                         []: y
    WiFi Pineapple IP Address        []: y

    Advanced IP settings will be saved for future sessions.
    Default settings may be restored by selecting Advanced IP settings and
    pressing [ENTER] when prompted for IP settings.

    Press any key to continue
    Settings saved.

    Saved Settings: Share Internet connection from wlan0
    to WiFi Pineapple at eth0 through default gateway


best regards Marek Zagajewski

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The best way I have found to setup wp6.sh is using the manual option.  In the above your HOST IP Address is not, it should be the IP address of the PC itself, everything else looks right. Kali linux will set your pineapple as the active Internet connection when you plug it in, go to settings and network to change it back.  for some reason Kali doesnt like to let 2 eth0 or eth1 both be on at the same time.

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