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Nick Kwiecien

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So I've successfully dumped NTLMv2 hashes from a locked PC and I am stuck on what you can do with them from there. With the new security updates regarding token based filtering trying to pass the hash or remote login without being a SID 500 is almost useless and unless you have access to a descent size GPU cluster trying to crack NTLMv2 will also be a challenge. If someone can enlighten me on some ways to gain a foothold with those hashes im all ears 

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Yeah, if you are trying to brute force incremental with no wordlist base, it will take forever.  I use Hashcat with my gpu using a wordlist and some of the rules hashcat has.  If target is researched and I generate a wordlist for them then I use dymerg to combine and unique a new word list using it and my default list to use.  I have a pretty okay success rate and most time I spend is with the biggest rule but believe it is only a few hours to exhaust.  If that fails then only time I try again is if I have new words to add to the list.  Mass brute force takes too long and not feasible without a crackzilla.

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