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USB Rubber Ducky Hack


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Hello! I recently ordered a USB Rubber Ducky, and still a noob at it. I was wondering if one of you guys would be kind enough to make it do something, if it's possible. I want it, after it's plugged, to immediately start backing up the windows 10 and then after that it sends saves it online, or I heard about "TwinDuck" which can make it save it on there, which is better... So after it saves a backup on the Ducky, I want it to completely destroy the PC, maybe by erasing "System32" I am not sure I just want it to mess it up and delete everything. All while the backup is still on the rubber ducky. I would really appreciate if one could help me with such a mission, thanks!


PS: If it could be compatible with all windows versions, it would be better.

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So basically some kind of panic USB tool? Could be done I guess..Though still wouldn't be as strong as destroying your HDDs..

One problem is that taking a backup of your entire OS and files...that would take a long time (obviously depending on the size of all the files). If you are just looking to backup the OS and that's it then you could just keep a bootable Windows 10 install image on your USB (I have one myself - though it is a multi-boot USB so it has Windows 7 and 10, and also a few Linux distros and tools).

If you bought a copy of Windows 10 (so it didn't come with the PC) then you would have had something similar - probably a Windows 10 install USB. The older ones came as install disks. That's basically what they are.

In terms of copying your whole PC..creating an image of your PC will still take a long time. Look into VeeamEndpoint, which allows you to take a complete backup of your PC. You could potentially put VeeamEndpoint on your Ducky and copy it to the PC and run it..Or you could find some other tool that creates an image. Bear in mind this can take a few hours to even a day, so any panicking would be useless anyway :P

Hope I gave you some idea to the right direction.

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Yeah, I know about bootable USB. I was wondering if you could make it all backup and save it on the USB/Cloud... How long do you estimate it to take?around 5 hours it's okay, I don't have much stuff anyways.

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