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corsair brings out a 16GB usb stick


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Corsair Announces Immediate Availability of 16GB Flash Voyager USB Drives

-- The need to enable portability of high definition content pushes demand for ultra large

capacity USB drives --

Fremont, CA (December 12, 2006) ? Users will no longer have to worry about having enough space on their personal

flash drives to store all their files, music, photos, videos and applications. Today Corsair®, a worldwide leader in high

performance computer products, expanded its lineup of the award-winning Flash Voyager? USB2.0 drives to include new

16GB capacities. Enclosed in the Corsair proprietary all-rubber Flash Voyager housing and boasting water-resistant

properties, the new 16GB drive allows users to carry more valuable data and applications without compromise. Equipped

with a security application and featuring the latest controller technology, the 16GB Flash Voyager delivers an outstanding

combination of functionality and ultra-high capacity.

Designed for users who demand the highest capacity drive currently available on the market, the new 16GB Flash

Voyager can store up to 8 full-length, high definition movies with ease. 16GB of storage capacity is equivalent of close to

4 DVDs or over 20 CDs ? all in a small foot print USB design! The drive is also bootable, which means users can store a

full version of Microsoft® Windows? operating system and configure the PC to boot from USB. Combined with the large

capacity of the drive, it allows IT managers and technology users to troubleshoot from station to station with all the

applications and files necessary to perform desktop support.

?As high definition content becomes more prevalent and that consumers demand portability of their favorite videos,

pictures and applications, the need for an ultra high capacity drive increases. With a 16GB drive, you can put the entire

series of three Lord of the Rings movies, an operating system, chat programs, photo editing software and still have

storage space available for more,? said Richard Hashim, Director of Product Marketing at Corsair. ?Consumers have

learned to rely on Corsair Flash Voyage to safe guard their important content. The new Flash Voyager drive will protect

the data even when the drive is exposed to the most extreme conditions.?

Built to Corsair?s legendary quality and reliability standards, the new 16GB USB drive delivers sustained read and write

performance at 22MB/sec and 7MB/sec respectively. Taking full advantage of the new flash controller technology, the

16GB Flash Voyager features 8 bit Error Correcting Codes (ECC) ? the highest code scheme for flash based controller

currently available. ECC provides sophisticated capabilities to enhance product reliability, which allows the drive to

continue to operate even after repeated use over time.

Favored by those who are on the go, the Flash Voyager drives bring additional features to make the perfect mobile

companion. First in the industry to feature all-rubber housing, the USB Flash drive performs reliably even under the most

extreme conditions. Whether it is exposed to severe temperature, moisture or physical abuse, the Flash Voyager performs

consistently to hold the valuable data. To promote data security, each Flash Voyager is readied with a security application

that allows users to create a hidden, password-protected partition on the USB drive. The password is encrypted with

256bit AES encryption, the most secure encryption algorithms available.

Backed with Corsair?s 10-year warranty and on-demand customer support, the new 16GB Flash Voyager is currently

available through Corsair?s authorized distributors, resellers, retailers and e-tailers worldwide. The introduction MSRP of

The 16GB Flash Voyager is $299 USD. Each drive is bundled with lanyard, security software/driver mini CD, and USB

extension cable. For more information on the 16GB Flash Voyager as well as information on where to purchase it, please

Copyright © 2006 Corsair Memory. All rights reserved.

visit www.corsair.com. High resolution image of the product is available for download at


About Corsair

Corsair, a member of JEDEC, has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high speed modules since 1994.

Corsair has earned the reputation as being the first to market with leading-edge products supporting new computing

platforms and technologies. Corsair supplies memory for applications ranging from mission-critical servers to ultra-high

performance gaming systems. The performance and reliability of Corsair memory products makes them ideal for memory

intensive computing.

Corsair also manufactures high performance cooling solutions and power supplies for the enthusiast marketplace.

More information on Corsair is available at www.corsair.com.

Contact Information:

Vivian Lien

Corsair Memory Inc.



source :http://www.corsair.com/corsair/pr/PR_Voyager_16GB_Launch.pdf

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