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LED not working, Bunny not connecting


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Hi, I bought the bashbunny when it just came out. Now when I try to use it, it won't start up at all. This is happening in arming mode as well as either switch. Physically, nothing appears to be wrong with the device, but plugging it into several computers, my phone and a wall adapter are all yielding the same results, nothing... does anyone have any ideas on this?

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Do you have any USB 3.0 ports? Try those. My BashBunny works fine in USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, but it's worth a shot.

Talk to Hak5 Support. If it is a hardware issue with the Bunny and it's not working because of it they will supply you with a new one. :)

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I only have one 3.0 port, but I will try it when I get home. All the ports I am trying, I have tried in the past and they worked just fine. I just now also contacted hak5 support, but I want to be sure to exhaust all other options first.

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