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Wifi Jammer Attacks??


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Inside a house or business, you can shield the inside of your network room walls, potentially preventing outside access to peer in or see the wireless network. They make paints that are supposed to block radio signals, but I have not tried them.

Example: https://www.lessemf.com/paint.html

Metal shielding is also one way, but encasement of a whole building is probably not possible. If a room with no windows on the inner part of the building is constructed this way, would help. Where I used to work at a bank in the data center, our room was built this way except for one flaw. Doors with fire windows(glass with the criss cross safety glass), allowed radio in and out, so you'd have to section off where the signal can escape. I could sit near the door and connect to the wifi outside our room in the data center, so minimizing the leak is not the simplest thing to do.

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probably in much the same way you locate wifi with war driving, just triangulate where the deauth packets are coming from.

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13 hours ago, ThoughtfulDev said:

Couldn't you just zu 802.11w on which deauth packets wont work?

What home routers and wifi cards do you know of on the market that support 802.11w ? Most things I see, are 802.11ac capable these days, which does A, B, G , and N/AC


Even if you had one, most things like older DVD players, TV's, phones, aren't going to be able to connect if they can't do the authentication frames, which only work under tkip WPA2. wep and open won't protect the frames(although who is really using open routers these days other than pineapple AP's??)

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