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I can ping the Nano Tetra but cannot acces it via browser


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Hello and thanks for your help :)

I'm running Kali 2016 rolling and I have some problems setting up the Pineapple Tetra. So..
Just bought the Tetra, connected it, checked the 172.xxx address, and pinged it from terminal ---> OK

The Problem :

1) Normal LAN Connection activated on wlan0 and then I active eth1 (pineapple) : My connection to my LAN is on wlan0. I can ping the pineapple fine but ... :

              - 1) When I click on the network Icon on the upper bar, it says "USB ETHERNET CONNECTING".. But I already have an IP for the Pineapple and can Ping it !

              - 2) I cannot access the pineapple's IP on port 1471 on the browser.. "unable to connect" :(


2) Both connection activated (wlan0 to my Lan and eth1 to the pineapple) :

                 - Now, the network icon is saying "USB ETHERNET CONNECTED", so the Pineapple is connected, still can ping it (and my router) from terminal but ... hnaks

             - 1) Browser won't connect either to a public IP nor to the pineapple IP


IP tables are clean and killed all network services like tor / proxychains.


Please help cos I'm really stuck here.. 


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have you run the wp6.sh also Ive had a lot of problems getting my pineapple to work with Kali 2017.1

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