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USB thumbdrive goodies and enhancements


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I have two questions.

1. I bought a Memorex TravelDrive. I found out later that there is such a thing called Memorex TravelDrive U3. Is there a way to install the U3 software and the 4mb fake cd parttiton on my normal TravelDrive? How legal is this? This would make a nice hack for hak5's next eps IMHO.

2 I am thinking about putting linux on my usb. Which distro is compatible and easy to use? I am a linux nub. Currently i am looking at DSL and Puppy and popcorn/slax. Which one is better for a nub like me?

eagerly waiting your inputs

thx a bunch

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try running the U3 Hack or the Universal Conversion ... the worse thing really that could happen short of the drive getting trashed is it to tell you NO its not a U3 ... else really give it a shot ... thats how I found mine was almost on accident ...

the Drives I am using for the U3 conversion mention is a Generic non Traveldrive

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