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Rubber Ducky encoding problem


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Hello fairly new linux user here.

I run fedora 25 for encoding and decoding , since im fairly new to coding and linux im starting off simple with a hello world for the rubber ducky as shown in the quack start guide.
However when i run the command for the encoding :

ducktools.py -e -l gb /path/to/HelloWorld.txt /path/to/inject.bin

it gives me this outcome:

+] Reading Input file.
  [-] Encoding File
[!] Command String Not in Language File Is not supported as a valid command
  [-] Encoding complete
  [-] Writing inject.bin to /run/media/sloyens/A87B-A154/inject.bin
[+] Process Complete

and the script doesn't work.
Am i giving the wrong code for the distro i use ? It seems to take the command but i dont really understand what it means by language.



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