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Wifi Pineapple Manage Modules


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Hi everyone, When I attempt to go to my Manage Modules section I simply get the thinking Pineapple logo. The device does have internet access and I have performed 2 FULL factory resets on the device. I am also running an SD Card as well. Really need some help. I have not been that happy with this device since the day I received it. Flakey and intermittent in many areas. Especially Recon. 

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It may be best start from scratch - instead of a factory reset try a firmware recovery as per the wiki https://wifipineapple.github.io/wifipineapple-wiki/#!troubleshooting.md

Complaining about support generally makes people not want to help you, so you might want to dial that down a bit :) you might find you get more people offering constructive suggestions to help you find a solution.

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