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I (regrettably) have no training in electronics, I understand the underlying stuff, but right now I am trying to create a device matron.

Is there such a device (or electronic component) that (just like a volt meter) monitors the flow of electricity in a given wire with out been physically connected to the wire (like a laptop mouse pad is able to tell when flash is on the pad instead of other materials).

I ask because I wish to create a device that monitors the flow of electricity in a wire. I have taken apart a cheap walkie talkie that makes a very annoying noise when you press the call button.

All I need now is a way of monitoring the current in another wire, and if there is enough current flowing, the device needs to out put a current. This will then pass through a relay which will have the same effect of holding the call button on the walkie talkie. When the power stops flowing, the call button will (effectively) be released, and the noise will be made.

Am I over complicating this? :)

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It doesn't sound like your over complicatingthings; in fact you seem to have a farily specific idea which is a good start, especially since most of my projects start out vague and then end up half done. Anyway what do you want to monitor the electric flow in a wire for? Also, do you want to measure current or voltage?

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Quite right, current is through a wire voltage (potential difference) is across a circuit.

How much current are we talking about? if its enough you could coil the wire round a soft iron core and use a magnetic switch to activate (or deactivate) the second circuit...maybe

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