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Another bad SDcard Post


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I just got a Nano to replace my Mark V and was going through the setup process.  After inserting my brand new 32GB SD card which was detected by the Nano.  I followed the instructions and used the web interface to format the SDCard, out of the box it was FAT after all, and afterwards the Nano does not detect it anymore.  I have moved the SDCard to the linux system that I use to manage the Nano and the card detects just fine.  I even reformatted it for ext4 on that system, which completed successfully was re-detected correctly by the linux system, but when returned to the Nano it still doesn't detect correctly.  I have even factory reset the Nano after everything and it still fails to see the SDCard.  I'm seeing a lot of posts out there regarding the Nano and SDCards, is there an issue or just a specific brand that we we have to use?

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