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Bashbunny serial not detected in OSX Sierra


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Hi there,

I received my BashBunny today and while I was able to flash it to the new 1.3 firmware and also am able to run payloads it does not get detected as serial console.

I'm checking using "ls /dev/{tty,cu}.*" but nothing appears.

Do I need to enable something in the configuration or install a specific driver for OSX?

Thanks for your help

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@NightStalker made a script for this.


# Title:         Mac Serial Connect
# Author:        NightStalker
# Version:       1.0
# Finds the Bash Bunny in the /dev/cu.* location and
# prompt you to connect to it.


bunnyloc=`ls /dev/cu.* | grep usbmodem`
echo "Bash bunny is located at: $bunnyloc"
read -r -p "Would you like to connect to it? (Y/N): " connanswer
echo $connanswer

if [ "$connanswer" == "N" -o "$connanswer" == "n" ]
		exit 0
elif [ "$connanswer" == "Y" -o "$connanswer" == "y" ]
		screen $bunnyloc 115200

make executable and run in terminal.  It has worked great for me.

Also all general questions belong in the general Bash Bunny section.  This section is reserved for Payloads only.

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go to your diskutil gui app and see if its even mounting when you plug it in.  I have had a problem with it not automatically mounting when I plug it in.  If thats not the case then Im not sure because I didnt install anything special on my mac to use the bash bunny with it.

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