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I can't access my vPN from outside my network


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I install openvpn to my rasberry pi from scratch and the VPN is working inside my house i can connect to it from my phone but i can not access it from outside my house. What is that i have to do to be able to access the VPN from outside my house is there a file to edit or a setting in my router I have to change I am kinda loss any tips of what i should do to that be amazing.

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Not sure your setup, but if you're tryign to connect remotely to your home machine to use the VPN, you probably need to 1, port forward something somewhere, or 2, setup a 2nd VPN tunnel into the home network to use the other VPN. However, most VPN providers let you download a conf file to put on other devices, or export an ovpn file to put on a phone, router, etc. If you're on the road and want to keep your data safe over a VPN like at a cafe, you could connect directly to the VPN provider on the other devices, and not need to run through the raspberry to use the VPN. This is all speculation, as I have no idea your topology and network setup or how things are actually connected to one another and what your end goal is, but you should probably give some more info. Draw us up a quick topology of the network, and what does what for what reason and where/how things are failing. This will help us better to try and see what can be done to help you.

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This is a quick topology of my home network (https://creately.com/diagram/j2q8ae1r1/dYma4gKFo4SR6ROATcoPqGcXE7M%3D)

basically is dsl modem=>Asus router=>ethernet switch=>OpenVPN server that is running on raspberry pi 

My goal is to be able to tunnel all my phone and laptop data over the VPN running my on Pi. I was able to get the .ovpn file to my iphone and open it with the OpenVPN app on iphone and i was able to connect to the vpn when my phone is connected to the house wifi but when i try to use my phone data it does not work. 

-I try port forward 1193 UDP on my asus router which is the VPN port on the server.conf file but that make no different .

-I setup my model to forward everything to my asus router which is the one that assign IP address and everything else. 

thanks for the advice. 


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Phones are one of those animals I've had issues with in the past. You might only be able to use the VPN, when over wifi on the phone, which would need to point to your homes external IP, but don't quote me on that. When connecting from the phones data provider, they probably block what you can connect to, but just my guess. My phone only ever seemed to work with a VPN when over wifi. Once I lost the wifi connection, the vpn stopped working and my IP always showed up as the phone's ISP ranges. You can confirm by using IP Chicken in the phones browser or typing "ip" into google, then refreshign after you're on and off the VPN.

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