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[Q] How do I edit a forum thread ?


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Last night I posted a 'How To' thread under the Hacks/Mods category. Today I decided to write a bash script to automate the process. While I was going through the thread I wrote, I noticed that there are some typos. I would like to edit the thread but there seems to be no option to do so. I understand that as I'm a newbie to Hak5 forums, my account editing privileges are revoked until I post 5 times, but I'm not sure if this is affecting the ability to edit a thread.

If anyone could clarify this issue or an admin allow me to edit the thread, that would be awesome!



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Not 100% sure,. but you might not be able to edit your post, until after a certain number of posts. After you make a post though, it will show on the post itself where you can click to edit it. If you don't see it, then probably not enabled for you till you hit the threshold. This is mainly because of spam accounts that abuse forum software. Right where you see the + sign and quote options, is a link to edit and a button for delete as well under more options.

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Thanks for the reply,

I don't see the "Edit" or "Delete" buttons in my posts. I guess I'll have to just wait and see. Forum system should implement a feature where it verifies the account by a phone number. So if the user verifies his/her phone number then the account is deemed to be non-spam.

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Click farms could register thousands of accounts very easily. Not a true spam free method. Even the low post count for removal of certain permissions has not prevented 100% of spam, but its a necessary step to help curb bots and automated spam.



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