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tethering advice


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hi all

want to get a 4g phone for tethering to my Ubuntu 16.10 pc and to share the connection with my PineV.  I want to get the no contract month to month paying cash. SO what is the best plan and cheapest phone that will get the job done. I don't normally carry a phone and so this will be it's only real use, I don't care about music/photos etc I live in a city so pretty much all the carriers are supported.

I figure you all have a better idea than me. thanks in advance.


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GREAT point sorry. I am in the USA.

to be honest I didn't even know you could get non sim card phones. Either is fine by me.

cheapest possible as this is just a test scenario thing.

I don't want to sign any contracts.

I figured that this would be so common for the group that there would be some kind of consensus as to a cheap 4g disposable phone that can be easily tethered to a linux pc and thus to a pineappleV to provide the net connectivity. I see you are in Ireland. In the states we can buy all sorts of cheap 4g phones with pre paid plans. I was just wondering if there is a pre paid preference as to plan and phone, I don't need a top of the range smart phone as I won't be using it.  All I want is something that could act as a hotspot and a little phone usage.

thanks for ANY help you can offer.


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your best bet is to research different no contract plans to see which ones allow tethering and then see how much data you can get for the month out of it.  As of right now I use straight talk and for roughly 60 a month i get 10gb data.  They do not allow tethering on there plans.  If you have a phone you can root and edit the buildprop then there is a work around. I guess its a matter of who lets you tether on there plan.

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