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Hey everyone,

Recently I have seen a lot of questions in regards to installing tools on the Bash Bunny. This post will contain a list of .deb files published by Hak5. Please see our wiki for installation instructions.

If you would like to suggest a tool to be published, please reply to this thread. All other posts will be removed.


Disclaimer: Hak5 is not responsible for these tools. They are 3rd party packages and have not been checked for stability or security. Hak5 simply packages these tools for easy installation. 

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For macchanger, I got the source from http://www.gnu.org/software/macchanger and did the following:

  • Put the BashBunny into arming mode (switch 3)
  • Copy the macchanger-X.X.X .tar.gz to the BashBunny; let's say /loot/.
  • Create a payload for Switch 1
cp /root/udisk/loot/macchange.tar.gz /root/.
  • Save, unplug the BB, move to switch 1, and plug back in.
  • When the LED indicates Finished, use your serial terminal program to log into the BB
  • Now, you can compile and install:
# you should already be in /root
tar xfz macchanger-X.X.X.tar.gz
cd macchanger-X.X.X

# NOTE: the following only puts the binary into the BB system.  Use 'make install'
#       if you want everything including docs.
cd src
cp macchanger /usr/bin/.

cd ../..
rm -rf macchanger-X.X.X         # if you want to remove it.


Once done, you'll have macchanger readily available.


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On 7/10/2019 at 10:21 PM, Foxtrot said:

I've updated the first post to add a link to the new Metasploit package, but bear in mind that it requires firmware 1.6 or above.

Hi Foxtrot,

Thank you. This makes life a hell of a lot easier🔥🔥🔥 especially when trying to find the precise location for things. I knew if anyone was going to post an update for the questions posed it would be you. Thanks again for making our lives easier🙏

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@Foxtrot - As per my pull request on Github, I had to use a newer release of Impacket to achieve setting a username / password combo for the SMB server in my smb_exfiltrator v2 payload.   Would you consider updating the .deb file here with the latest release of Impacket?

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Was wondering what the official method to update metasploit is? for now I've installed git to clone the repo, then gem install bundle, chown -R the new folder to 1004:1004 and rename it the metasploit-framework and delete the old one. Working well so far, and can run msfupdate. Any thoughts on this being a bad idea to get the latest version?

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