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.exe not compatible with 64 bit Windows after FTP download


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At first: Sorry for my bad English, I´m german and only 14 years old.

I upload an .exe file from my computer to my FTP Server with the FTP.exe(cmd). Before I did that it was working just fine. But after I downloaded it, it comes up with the following error: "The file is not compatible with your computer." Before that, it came up with another error, something like "not compatible with a 64 Bit System.

I accidently asked the question on StackOverflow 2 hours ago, and some people answered that I have to active binary mode. When I do that with the "binary" command, I get an answer that the activation was successful, but it isn´t working anyways. The .exe looks identical after download, but instead of having the old icon it shows up the standard .exe icon. I do not want to use another FTP program like FileZilla or ncftp (I tried it with FileZilla, it isn´t working either, so I don´t think, that FTP.exe is the problem here.

The commands I used + Output(maybe the translation isn´t correct, but I think you know what the output meant):

C:\WINDOWS\system32>ftp myftpserver.com
Connection to icarus.bplaced.net established.
220 Welcome to myftpserver.com, FTP server standing by ...
504 Unknown command
User (myftpserver.com:(none)): user
331 Hello user, your FTP account password is required:
password: password
230-Login successful, your current directory is /
230 34349 Kbytes used (3%) - authorized: 1048576 Kb
ftp> binary
200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
ftp> get example.exe
200 PORT command successful
150-Connecting to port 61051
150 347.5 kbytes to download
226-File successfully transferred
226 1.648 seconds (measured here), 210.83 Kbytes per second
FTP: 355794 bytes received in 1.91 seconds 186.38KB/s

Thanks and greetings, c0ntriX

Edit: I´m owning a 64-Bit System.

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Can you try copying over a known good file and then download it to see if it works? If it doesn't after uploading, and then downloading, something on the ftp server might be doing something to your file(s). It's also possible the file uploaded was already bad before hand, but you'd need to confirm that ahead of time.


What host provider is your ftp server/file server? If the above works, then all is good, but if fails with a new file, I'd contact the host provider and see if there is another method for uploading and downloading. Personally, I use sftp and an scp client. WinSCP works a treat for both. Benefit of sftp and scp, the connecting is encrypted, so if there happens to be any tampering between you and the ftp server(regular FTP sends everything in the clear/plain text, including your login details, and can be sniffed and tampered with), the encrypted protocols should help alleviate this issue. Won't do anything about the host if it's compromised though and malware is doing something to the files, but I doubt that is the case.

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I thought you said you had enabled binary, and see it in your command at the top. Good to hear you got it working.

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