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Nano tactical connect RaLink RT5370 / mini wifi to computer and not Android?

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This seems like it's probably an obvious thing, sorry, and thanks for any response. I see videos and posts about connecting my nano tactical through the mini usb adapter to Android, but I haven't found anything on doing the same through my laptop. I usually connect using kali through Parallels on my Mac. 

Thanks again for any pointers

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the point of the rt5370 is for connecting to an AP and controlling the nano that way.  to do it with a laptop you need to create an AP with your wireless adapter and connect wlan2 to that.  But that is not practical for a laptop.  use the usb connector or connect your laptop to the management AP.  

The point in doing this with android is having the internet for the nano so any clients connected have internet.  If you do this with a laptop the only way for the clients to have internet is with the USB cable and ICS or connect the nano to wifi AP with wlan2 and have your laptop connect to the management AP.

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