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Hacking robots - rovers and drones - where to begin?


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So I have an arduino robot with a bluetooth hc05 module and was like... I should hack this and learn hacking. That was two weeks ago. Now I've seen all Mike Ryans work / youtube, github and other research things for the ubertooth from other people.
I've seen the tutorials for Michael Ossmanns Hackrf and SDR.
And I've seen Samy's work and specially the drone hacking with his zombie attack where he uses an alfa wifi adapter.

after reading a lot about btle, I was about to order an ubertooth, when it hit me, I'm not really interested in bluetooth, even though I've been reading like a maniac. I'm interested in hacking robots.

Obviously commercial drones uses much more encrypted protocols and that's not my beginning target.
I've search around and doesn't find the answers I'm looking for.

So I try here with my first post:

What wireless communication protocol uses different robots (rovers and drones or automated machines and anything else robotic related both consumer and commercial? What hacking area should I research and later on purchase hardware for it? is it wifi adapters for pentesting or it software defined radio and a hackrf?

is hacking a drone or a rover the same as hacking a computer through a wireless network? and if so what topics is highly relevant to read and work with?


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