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[SOLVED] Call separate .sh script from payload.txt

Dave-ee Jones

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Hi guys,

So I'm trying to call a shell script (.sh) from inside the payload.txt file (like install.sh or a.sh), but everything I have tried has come to nuttin'.

I've tried things like this:

chmod +x ./test.sh

chmod +x ./test.sh
bash ./test.sh

chmod +x ./test.sh
sh ./test.sh

chmod +x ./test.sh
source ./test.sh

chmod +x ./test.sh
( "./test.sh" )

But none are working.

I have the '#!/bin/bash' shebang on the first line of the shell script AND the payload.txt, and the shell script is in the same directory as the payload.txt.

EDIT: I did also try removing the './' from the chmod call when I specify the filename.

Any ideas on how to call on another script from the payload script?

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19 minutes ago, PoSHMagiC0de said:

Try referencing the absolute path.

source /root/udisk/payload/$SWITCH_POSITION/yourfile.sh


I'm getting a solid red light. Not sure if it is because it doesn't like


or because it didn't like me calling source on a normal .sh file...

Works. Made the separate .sh file say LED G instead and it worked fine.

So the payload.txt file is run from a different directory, which means that looking for the test.sh file in the same directory wasn't going to work because it didn't exist...Makes sense I guess.

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