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fraudulent charge, paused order, then cancelled order?


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sorry for the tag vomit, i just wanted to get as much meta to make this relevant as i couldn't find much along what was happening with me in the search. I know there is an extremely small staff in the warehouse and any questions go into a zendesk queue. and that's totally fine. i'm cool with that and the wait. i get it. 

my steps were the following:

1. order the items (2 pineapples and a yagi)

2. make purchase

3. tell my CC custserv that this is a VALID transaction as fraud detect grabbed it immediately

4. check order status (pending)

5. wait 3 days, order is cancelled.

6. repeat with same results. 

7. publicly ask questions to @Darren Kitchen on twitter. (yes, he is nice enough to respond direct to me)

8. email and get a zendesk ticket (i never even check my own zendesk queue)

9. harrass @mubix via messenger on this board, skipping twitter. 

10. now toss it to everyone else to see if i can get some help. 


now, with that being said... anyone else experience this same thing? i can't tell if its my CC cancelling the order or the hak5 shop. the purchase goes through, hits my card and then goes to "pending". on status and everything. wait 3 days and then it cancels. this has happened twice now and to avoid the old "insanity is the same thing" adage, i come to the crowds of my people. 



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#1 - mubix, is not the https://hakshop.com/ nor works in the shop/sales

#2 - If you put in an email for support, give it time. You(like many others) who have questions for store purchases, often come here, and is in general, only going to get the same answer. Wait and be patient. If you sent them an email, you should have gotten a ticket # of some kind. Keep it handy. They will get back you. As mentioned in other threads, there is a small crew who handles all store issues in general. Be patient.

#3 - If payment was declined, probably nothing in there system other than your email. CC issues, I would say is on your CC company's end. Only reason the store would cancel, is if it was declined for funds (is my thinking, but I don't work at hak5, so wait to hear from them). If you already said they picked it up for potential fraud, that is where I would go as it's probably the CC provider who blocked the purchase, or use a different payment method and try again. Since you haven't completed a purchase, you shouldn't have any charges to worry about. If it was canceled by hak5(which this is most likely all automated by the shopping cart stuff) I'd say make sure you can receive emails and nothing gets filtered for spam in case they did send one out about back-orders, etc. Even in back-orders though, I would think you'd get some kind of notice.

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ok, so update. it comes down to timing and just waiting as you said. jayson grabbed my ticket out of the queue and after some explanation and bank statement screencaps, etc. order was pushed through and awaiting delivery. 

in regards to #3, there is specific instructions for dealing with the fraudulent flag as it is almost a common occurrence as is to be expected. this happened to me using three different cards. so advice to future orders: stick with one card, and follow through. dont just blame your own financial institution. give THEM the hard time as they have more than enough staff to listen to you bitch. give the hak5 shipping team time to get hens in order and then swing back around with them once you get your bank squared away. the timing almost works perfect if they are backlogged. 

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