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Lets Encyrpt - SSL for the Pineapple


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Could you use the Certbot ACME client to install and automate the addition of an SSL Certificate for the Wifi Pineapple?

I know there is a Paper module but that seems to be more for the creation of local certificates for other uses.  I didn't see the ability to import some signed cert.  Given there is root access to this device, it seems in theory it might work to do so assuming the Private key wasn't encrypted so as not to disrupt the boot-up sequence.

I did a quick search, found nothing.  Maybe the real question is why would you want to do this?  :huh:

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I have not used or tested Certbot, i've just taken a quick glance at it.
If it's a collection of bash scripts that interacts with python and openssl, then yes, in theory it should work.
But if it ever needs/uses software compiled specifically for computers (x86/x64 CPU's), then NO. You would then need it compiled for these embedded devices (MIPS). 

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You probably don't want to actually run certbot on the WiFi Pineapple directly. Instead, you'd run it on a real server that you point a domain towards. Say "mda1125pineapple.com". Now you get a valid SSL certificate that you can install on your WiFi Pineapple, as long as you also resolve all DNS queries for mda1125pineapple.com to your pineapple (you can do that by either spoofing all DNS requests or setting the A record of the domain to


This would give you a valid SSL certifciate when connecting to your WiFi Pineapple, but is probably a lot of hassle (as you have to do it every 3 months), and it requires your Pineapple has an internet connection.

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