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Media Pc Case Mod, Any Ideas???


Which design:  

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    • Musical Notes
    • Hak5 logo
    • W4rp3d
    • Flames
    • Red Hot Chili Pepper Logo

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Hey everyone,

Long time no posting but im back (that's if anyone remembers me).

Ive got an oldish pc which is hooked up to my stereo, over Christmas hols i have nothing to do and have decided to put a window in the side. The only thing is that I would like it to not be just a plain old window, but something with a design of some sort similar to the PurePwnage case that RobotChild doing atm (its great btw) doing to the I came up with a few ideas, what do you think sounds best?

Ill post a few sketches later on tonight.


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Hey dude, welcome back!

I like the W4RP3D thing if anything because it's an expression of YOU! It's personal, which is what a case mod should be.

The peppers SUCK ASS. Like, hard. Real hard. Calling them teh suck is a compliment.

Notes... Booooring. I understand you want to underscore the media angle, but I don't consider it particularly original.

Hak.5 could be interesting. Do it nicely, make a pic, send it off to Darren and you might get showtime. I do feel you need that scruffy look of the actual logo, which will be hard to pull off. Would be a testament to your skills if you managed though.

Flames are always cool, but I wonder if that would work as a window mod. I think that works better as a paint job on or over a regular window mod.

My 2 cents.

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