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Is it possible to change a .exe into a .jpeg or .pdf ?


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Couldn't you just read the contents of the file and execute the contents with PS/Batch?

E.g. Hide this as a .jpg:

ipconfig /all >test.txt

Then use PS/Batch to read the contents of the file and execute as a string. Still, requires 2 files (runner and jpg) so it doesn't really help your case unless you use a Bash Bunny/Rubber Ducky to execute the file.

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@vailixi this is f* scary

... and this is how they hack ppl... 

I hope my country have ppl @ the top understanding this threat!

using code embeded in jpg/png and use the decoder in using cached images... SUBLIME 

its a MASTERWORK and i'm glad he made it public!!!



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* i deleted my image stolen from google image search....
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