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Storage file filter rules

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Hi there,

as other users already reported, payloads may get removed from the bunny since AV's can detect it when you are running in storage mode. One way to overcome this should be to simply not tell the target these payloads exist. It would be really nice if you could define your own filters to also hide other files the target shouldn't see in first place, like social engineering.

Is this feature possible or is there a risk the target may overwrite the files hidden?


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One option would be to use the smb server in impacket:

python /tools/impacket/examples/smbserver.py e path_to_payloads &

where path_to_payloads is something like /root/udisk/payloads/$SWITCH_POSITION


This allows you to use the BB as a network device instead of mass storage, I like this better as you don't have to eject it when you're done too.

(see https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/blob/master/payloads/library/credentials/DumpCreds/payload.txt)

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