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[Release] duckyRAT: Rubber Ducky RAT


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Hi, Hak5Forums!

I'm new here and would like to post some code I wrote for the USB Rubber Ducky that allows you guys to make a RAT (Remote-Administration Tool) with the Ducky.

Here is the GitHub Link: https://github.com/untitledusername/duckyRAT

GitHub Wiki/Tutorial Link: https://github.com/untitledusername/duckyRAT/wiki

Please note, this script doesn't allow webcam access or things of that such (I'm sure you can probably get that somehow using the command line) This script only allows you to run CMD commands on the victim's PC.  If you have any questions I'll gladly answer them down below.

Edit:  I'm working on adding features to take screenshots of victim's desktop, webcam, etc.

Thanks everybody, enjoy!

- untitled ❤

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On 9.6.2017 at 5:38 PM, ItsKorma (YT) said:

I need help im new to this, i just got usb rubber ducky. its bit hard for me to get around it at the moment, but what you just said is what im looking for i want to be able to view victim screen or control it, able to look at the files etc. Please help me step by step. 

Sounds like you need a Basic Metasploit payload (dont worry about the stealth /undetected part for now). Have a look at Metasploit Minute for Tutorials about Metasploit.

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