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What happened to tools_installer?


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26 minutes ago, rawrmonster said:

I am trying to install the tools for my bash bunny and everyone keeps telling me it's in the payloads but it is not. Can someone send me a working link?

What firmware version are you using? If you are using 1.1 you can put your BB in arming mode (switch 3) and in the root storage folder there should be a "tools" directory. Any folder or .deb file you put in that directory will be installed in /tools/ on the BB filesystem the next time you plug your BB in under arming mode. Make sure to safely eject the storage drive between doing this.

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I'm not sure that I installed them correctly. It took the responder that I put in tools and deleted it. Once I get in to com3 and see the tools from remote shell I had it install same with impacket. Once I try to do quickcreads it just blinks yellow until It stops blinking. The folder is created for quickcreads but has nothing it it.

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I will test it when I get home then will edit this post once I have confrimed anything

EDIT: So I tested QuickCreds on my computer, but can't seem to get anything from it (don't know if a windows 10 patch fixed this exploit or not), it doesn't obtain anything and just sits at the white double flash stage, nothing further. As for the red blinking, did you look up what FAIL 1 looks like vs FAIL 2. FAIL 1 is because of dependencies and is a slow red pulse, FAIL 2 is a double pulse and means it can't get an ip address for the target machine (allow the device to give dns automatically network adapters -> IBM RDNIS -> IPv4 -> DNS Auto)

EDIT 2: NVM found out the issue with mine, had to use a bogus network dir for it to spoof and get the hash

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