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[Extension] RUNPOWER


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So a new extension I wrote to avoid to have to escape special characters for complex powershells.

This extension takes a text file containing the powershell command.


RUNPOWER switch1/pstxt.txt

inside the pstxt.txt file :
Set-WinUserLanguageList -LanguageList en-US -force;


Basically it takes the contents of the text file and encodes it to a base64 string and passes it to powershell as an encoded command. (also works as obfuscation of the attack code)




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So that is is how you do Unicode base64 encoding in bash.  :-)


I can see myself using this instead of encoding commands myself when I want to use them via a quack.

Only things I would change would be to make it have an extra parameter that I can use to add a string of parameters to be prepended before the encoded command like if I wanted to hide the powershell window or make it non interactive, etc.

Second is I would make it just out put the powershell command.  no gui r or anything.  Reason being is most have been doing prep work before running their script like from the run command getting a UAC bypassed cmd shell to run their powershell in.


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