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File system space and QuickCreds


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I just imaged my Lan Turtle again as I filled it up the first time. *This* time I checked file system usage before installing modules and the QuickCreds pre-reqs. Fresh up the LT's root file system (rootfs) was 44% full with 2.6M so I installed 10 modules, basically the "essentials" and when that was done rootfs was at 45%. I ran the QuickCreds configure which downloaded its pre-reqs and suddenly the file system went up to 98% used with only 100K free. Seeing as how responder records everything in /root/loot, and the initial logs are 8.5K, it seems responder data will QUICKLY consume that remaining 100K locally.

Would it be "best" to setup autossh and sshfs before setting up QuickCreds and placing it at /root/loot via a symlink? What are others doing?

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I have the same problem, only get to 98% used space with only installing quick creds.

I have factory reset my Lanturtle 3 times now, and the exact same behaviour is happening every time. It is filling up rootfs /dev/mtdblock3 and overlayfs:/overlay to 98%
/dev/root is at 100% all the time, even after factory reset. 

/tmpfs is only at 2% 

this behaviour is making my Lan turtle virtually useless as it does not even have space left for the credentials in the loot folder.

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