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Just to ensure I understand your question.  You would like to use the HackRF down to a frequency of 6 MHz, based on your 50 meter reference?  You can use a Linux distro running "gqrx" that allows HackRF to operate down to 4 MHz.  I tested it and it works.  Alternatively you can use an upconverter, such as "Ham It Up" v1.3, which is a hardware add-on.  Using an upconverter, such as the one mentioned, you simply attach to the HackRF and add 125MHz to whatever your desired frequency is because of how the upconverter offsets frequencies to achieve the lower frequencies (down into the KHz range).  Just make sure you calibrate the upconverter mentioned when you first use it otherwise you will experience a lot of frustration.  In addition, bandwidth is a whole other discussion and may or may not be important consideration for your application.

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