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Hi, i'm trying to figure it out what is the best option to public services with a dynamic IP ( VPN,DNS, Proxy and others services for testing) :


  • Nor Firewall
  • 2 routers ( one mode/router from ISP and the other handle DHCP and routing to the rest of the network ) 

Option 1:

Set ISP modem as Bridge mode and handle the dynamic IP with a services like http://www.noip.com/. Second Router will handle "routing" ( later I'll get an Open Firewall like pfSence for security)

Option 2:

Set an external VPS. Connect the local server to the VPS with autossh and install all services in the VPS.

Option 3: 

Set an externa VPS and configure a Reverse VPN.  (get all the services thought the VPS, but install in local server ) 

Option 4:

Get a static IP.


If there is another solution, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks

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