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[Release] PyDuckGen - Generate Payloads faster

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Hey, since the Simple-Ducky Payload Generator is discontinued i think.. i just wanted to create an easy way to generate existing payloads and move the needed files to the Rubber Ducky.

PyDuck is a Python Script which helps you to get your once written USB Rubber Ducky Payloads onto your Duck's SDCard quickly. You can even change variable components by using a simple

set <attribute> <val>

command. All of this is made easy with a Metasploit like interface. Simply choose your payload with 

use <payload>

configure it and there you go :)

Have a look into the bundled modules in the module folder to understand the attributes but here is a quick explanation.

Your duckscript is:

STRING <replacable_text>

In your module.json just add you attribute to the attributes tree like this:

"attributes": {
    "replacable_text": "The default value"

If you know load your payload with 'use <your_payload>' you can now use the following:

set replacable_text Hak5 is awesome :)

If you then generate the inject.bin using: gen or generate the <replacable_text> will be replaced with Hak5 is awesome. Isn't that...awesome? :D You can even add folder/files to your module.json which are needed for you payload (have a look at the mimikatz_lazagne payloads to see how this works.)

I really suggest that you have a look at the existing payloads to figure out how this works :D

More Information can be found on the Github Repo: https://github.com/ThoughtfulDev/PyDuckGen

Let me know what you think.

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