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yea i've noticed that the forums are being a little gay

how much does invasion board cost?

i'm sure that there are other free alternatives that can be tried out first though. I've seen some really cool free ajaxy ones in particular that IMO are better than invasion

i think people should check out http://www.opensourcecms.com/

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VBulletin has always seemed a bit bloated for me, but if your going to be spending money on forum software then you'll be best with VBulletin. If you've never admined a VB forum before then be prepared to spend some time learning how to tweak it just how you want. If you know your way around VBulletin then it's great software, but it can be quite daunting at first. I'm not sure what the VBulletin community is like now? I assume there's still thousands of mods etc and you get professional tech support.

Personally I'm of the opinion that SMF is the best option, I've been using it since the beginning with more or less no problems. It works great no matter the size of your forums, plenty of mods/tweaks/themes if you want them and friendly tech support and community. SMF has converters from all popular forum software that work great. Administrating a SMF forum is a piece of cake, the code is easy edit, the layout/theme is easy to edit etc. I really can't say enough nice things about SMF. I'm sure other forum software works just as well as SMF, I've just never needed to use anything else for my purposes in recent years.

IPB has always been horrid in my opinion. I don't know enough about where phpBB is heading with the new version to comment on it.

smf needs a few tweeks in the source to make it work perfectly, but only if login problems occur

(its just a line of code, nothing special)

SMF has always worked perfectly out of the box for me? I do remember some issues with cookies back in the 1.0 Beta days though.

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*points to Darren/Vako*

would it be possible to upgrade the forums to the latest beta of phpbb3

it would probably be a good idea to make a backup, since it's beta software

if worse comes to worse the beta software will die and we'll just have to restore from backups

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Wait why smf it can be exploited easily through the browser... well the last time i did that was 3 months ago so its probbly fixed

I've yet to see a security hole in SMF that wasn't fixed immediately and most of the holes found have been in the beta/RC stages of 1.0 and 1.1. You even get an announcement about updates as soon as you go to the admin centre and from there it's just a few clicks and the patch can be applied. I can't see how the most newbie of administrators could fail to update their forums in time.

Perhaps you would like to take a look at the track record of other forum software? Do you not remember the masses of hijacked phpBB forums in recent years? I'm not saying phpBB has a reputation for bad security, I'm just saying your point is rather irrelevant when compared to other forum software SMF has been excellent security-wise.

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See, I don't really care about the politics of open source, i just want whatever we move to to actually work.

I'm not an expert of forums at all but this forum seems to work fine and has a pretty high activity.

Edit: Fixed URL. Moonlit.

true... but they are also running a pretty heavily modified version of phpBB

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Paying for bad software is never a good idea and in general all forums are bad software in some way, either by design (no that does not mean the way they look even though most look horrible by default) or by mistakes in coding it.

So whatever is easier to admin and extend without breaking the back end gets my vote, got no clue what that is though. For me as a user I just need a text box to write posts in and another to search with.

Personally I've been playing around with vanilla and liking it. Have no idea how it works in situations with higher load and its simplicity would probably freak out the phpBB addicts who really love the bloat, so it probably isn't the right solution here.

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