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nmapper killed my bash bunny [SOLVED]


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Hey all, I recently tried out the nmapper payload by Hak5Darren. It worked great, but when I tried changing the nmapper options to "-A -sV --osscan-guess", my bash bunny refused to run the payload. It flashed green once and then stayed off. Thinking it was weird, I went back to arming mode and plugged it in. It went through the normal boot sequence and flashed blue like normal, except now it won't mount as mass storage or serial. I got slightly worried, did the firmware recovery, and still no change.

Does anybody have an idea as to what's going on here? I REALLY don't want my bb to be bricked because I can't mount it as anything.


Any/all help appreciated! 






Turns out you can't be running a vm.. for some reason having a vm running kept the bb from mounting to either computer.

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