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Filesystem issues


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At the moment I'm writing an extension which give some debug information during a payload run.

The function START_DEBUG "tail " the /var/log/syslog to /tmp/log.txt (I won't create a extra file because syslog give al lot of more useful information in background.)
During payload run I can output some information to syslog  with logger
With STOP_DEBUG I stop the "tail",  test if the /dev/nandf is mounted. If so I Copy /tmp/log.txt to /root/disk/loot. /If not I mount the /dev/nandf to /root/udisk, copy the file, do a sync and unmount the /dev/nandf.

 Now the Problem. It happens often that when I look in the loot file there is no log file and the FS is corrupted. This happens even I do a sync; sleep 1; sync after copy the file and befor unmounting the FS
It seems tha the FS is not unmunted correctly. Sometimes the dirty bit is set.


Have somebody any idea?








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