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Nano Broadcasting SSIDs not in pool


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Hi guys!


This is my first post, as well as my first pineapple. It was delivered this week, and I am just now getting to play with it. 

My Problem:

For some reason, when I turn on PineAP, and select broadcast SSIDs in pool, it will broadcast others that are not listed. I have reset the nano 3 times now, and these SSIDs keep broadcasting when I turn on PineAP.


Example: I have one SSID in my pool, "RangerNet". I am not capturing SSIDs to pool currently, but when I enable broadcast, "RangerNet" starts to show up, as well as others such as "6" "CES Guest" "jsmooth". 


I think these are ones that were captured to pool when I first played with it, but I cant get them to stop or go away!!!


can anyone help?

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Are those SSIDs still showing up in the PIneAP SSID pool area?  If so, you can clear the entire pool via the dropdown or remove each one.

Are you saying it's broadcasting SSIDs that were once captured but now the pool is empty and it's still broadcasting old SSIDs?

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