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How would i go about installing a tool like ATSCAN


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Hi Codemonkeys!.

Can anyone tell me how i would go about installing tools like SQLMAP,ATSCAN etc etc.... in to the linux system?

I would like to use the target systems internet connection to dork search engines or sqli scan and dump results back in loot/

So far i tried the following

git-clone https://github.com/AlisamTechnology/ATSCAN   into the tools folder on the bunny on my Kali machine because i can not seem to find the method of getting a terminal directly on the bunny with a live internet connection

Then replugged the Bunny in arming mode....it went in to a different "led mode" as normal boot.

After boot in arming mode the ATSCAN folder was no longer in the tools folder  and  i can not seem to find it anywhere...

Full of hope but bound to fail i tried using atscan --dork ".php?id" >  atscan.lst in a payload with ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET

on a windows 10 machine that has the normal wifi connection shared with the usb rndis/ethernet device(set manual ip to on the ipv4 protocol)

Please let me know what i am doing wrong and maybe step by step me through installing extra tools in the linux system.

I think more BashBunny noobs could use a good thread about this.




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