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RNDIS problems on Windows 10


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Mine works fine.

You probably need to setup the ethernet adapter. Make sure your BB is in Ethernet mode while it is plugged in and then go to your Device Manager (just type it in Start menu/Cortana).

Then go down to either Unidentified Devices or Adapters (Ethernet ofc). Right click on the Serial device or Unidentified Device (should come up as one of those) and update the driver MANUALLY by selecting the drive that the BashBunny is hosted by (e.g. D:\ drive) and update it via that (just select the drive, not anything in it). It should automatically install the driver after that.

This is all assuming you have the problem where the adapter isn't recognised with Windows 10...

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4 minutes ago, Dave-ee Jones said:

Windows 10 has problems with STORAGE and ETHERNET modes. Not sure why, but Windows 7 works fine.

This is correct. The workaround right now is switching attackmodes when needed, but we are working on a fix for this for 1.2 :)

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