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BashBunnyBurrow (3D Printed Case)


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Been waiting for someone to design a case for the BB. It is just a bit too big to use on a keyring or something like that :P

How does the BB go in it? Looking at the model it doesn't seem very fitting (pun intended).

I didn't want to create my own and then print out like 50 prototypes before I got it perfect, so that's why I was waiting... :P

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Important note about custom cases:

The Bash Bunny can get very hot. We made sure that the PCB and case can withstand this heat, but a replacement case (especially when made from PLA) may well melt onto the device. If this happens, there is nothing we can do -- that's on you :)

The same goes for anything that covers the Bash Bunny. If you enclose it further, it might overheat and die. Please be careful and design cases with the heat factor in mind.

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19 hours ago, RazerBlade said:

Im wondering if you could maybe take an old microsoft mouse and cut a whole in it to place the bashbunny. And splice the connection so the mouse still works would be really convenient.

Splicing the cable would not organize the IO from both devices; I think you would need some sort of USB hub inside the mouse to do this.  So, by the time you get a hub (even if you soldered instead of using standard connectors) and the bash bunny (even without a case) plus the original parts, I don't think it would all fit...  

Ha. Maybe one of these would work? https://www.greatbigstuff.com/products/computer-mouse


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