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a few Bash Bunny questions


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Greetings all.  I have a few questions.  I have a Bash Bunny and was able to get the wifi dump script to run on it so I feel it has done what I asked it to do.  My question is, looking through the forums why are people having problems and why are there setup instructions that should be done first thing on the Bash Bunny?  Initially not seeing anything strange until I really dug into the forums I simply plugged in my Bash Bunny and went to work.  Am I missing something?  Both switches seem to work fine.  I will say I was not able to Putty into the serial console but that may be due to the fact that my laptop assigned it to port 16 which is a bit up there.  Installing the serial drivers was easy and setting up the network driver in Windows 7 was also simple.  I could Putty into the Bash Bunny through Ethernet without issue.  I will try going through serial again on a different computer and report back.  I also don't have some of the dependencies that some of the scripts require but beyond that I think my Bash Bunny is operating normally.  Am I going to run into trouble for not following the guides on here? 

- Bob123 (formally Thweety)

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Yes well, congratulations :)

Lots of people are a bit too keen to use their BB instantly and they can get a bit excited, skipping out on some things if the BB does fail/drivers aren't installed properly, which can make things worse.

It just depends on how your computer takes the BB (does it install correct drivers, does it even check the BB for drivers etc.), if your BB is faulty or not and things like that.

Enjoy your new BB and learning how to pentest with it :)

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