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Teensy or Rubber Ducky?

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I have recently found an article by Samy Kamkar regarding HID exploitation and was wondering which is better. (i understand preference but im more interested in the speed and flexibility aspect of the two as well as ease of deployment) Also, i was wondering if there was a way to turn a teensy into a faux Rubber ducky in regards to making it possible to use the Rubber Ducky coding language on a teensy? 

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Sorry if this is long but I use both arduino boards and the usb rubber ducky so I will explain. 

The arduino's are good for a few reason but have there faults as well, so before I even start I honestly would recommend the duck and 1 or more arduino.  

Arduino Pros/From my experience (depending on the arduino board, it will input more keystrokes per-second then the ducky. It is much cheaper (inexpensive) being able to buy a case, the board and a usb/micro usb adapter (depending on the board) all for under $10. Marking it more viable from a plug and run situation because you are only lost $10 instead of $40-50. 

Arduino Cons/The arduino even with a case is more suspicious then the ducky. The arduino uses arduino ide to program the script which works great but you need to be willing to spent time debugging as there are, some bugs, issues on Linux, issues detecting some arduino boards and a few other things. The arduino starts to input as soon as it gets power and will not stop the keystrokes at any point. Meaning your delays must be longer and more accurate the then ducky as there is not tolerance or discrepancies. The arduino uses c++ code, but to answer your other question there is a program(java script) and online encoder called duckuino to convert ducky scripts into c++. 

All up more or less the arduino is good after alot more set up but not as inconspicuous  so best to plug in to the back of a computer and run and the ducky is beter for social engineering, testing scripts for easy of use and quick file Exfiltration with things like twin duck. 

All up it really depends on your use case scenario but both are great. 

Hope this helps and anymore questions please ask. 


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Another down side to the arduino that I forgot to mention, is that as soon as you plug it in to edit or change the script it will run on the host computer. 

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